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Nathaniel Steele

VP & Strategic Director

As Strategic Director, Nathaniel serves as the leader responsible for executing the vision of CitizenAG’s Founder, Mike Yoder. In this role, Nathaniel bridges the departments of the CEO and the COO, ensuring that day-to-day operations and long-term objectives merge in such a way to continually attract, retain, and engage the most valuable stakeholders - including employees, donors, and clients. Bringing a wide variety of experience and expertise outside the field of Constitutional Law, Nathaniel additionally specializes in Military & Veteran Outreach, ensuring service members facing legal battles for Constitutional Rights Issues have access to legal representation and advocacy.

Prior to joining CitizenAG, Nathaniel served on active-duty in the United States Marine Corps, and was a AH-1Z Cobra attack helicopter pilot. In 2021, he was illegally ordered to receive an EUA vaccine for Covid-19, and he refused; the Department of Defense charged him with dereliction of duty, substance performance of duty, and failure to obey a lawful order, in defiance of actual Federal law. Nathaniel subsequently joined the Costin v. Biden filed by Mike Yoder in the District of Columbia as a plaintiff, only weeks after the “vaccine mandate.” Through this suit, and his own efforts internal to the Marine Corps, he was able to resist the continual onslaught of personal and professional attacks brought against him. In March of 2023, the Marine Corps finally dismissed all charges against him as unfounded, after destroying his professional career, and grounding him from flying since August of 2021; Nathaniel never flew a gunship again, and resigned his commission as a Captain shortly after clearing his name and defeating the vaccine mandate.

Before joining the Marine Corps, Nathaniel graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Marketing. While at Cornell, Nathaniel founded a B-Corp which provided recycling services to the city of Ithaca and the Cornell campus, prior to expanding across NY state and to NYC after graduation. The company which Nathaniel founded and operated allowed customers to donate their recyclable materials to a not-for-profit organization of their choosing. This enabled every-day citizens to make over $150,000 in chartitable donations over a few years, while Nathaniel gained entrepreneurial experience, and lead a small team of 5 classmates. In 2011, this company was 1 of 4 selected from nationwide student applicants to compete in the Brandeis University “Innovations in Philanthropy” competition, ultimately finishing runner-up.

Nathaniel is currently studying Film, and hopes to enroll in a dual MFA/MBA program for Film and Business Administration.

(786) 374-2895

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